Justin Danger

Polaroid Land Camera 230

Usable 45 years later thanks to Fuji instant film.

New scanner!


These guys are married now

Great things

More than you can afford pal

One day I hope to own a 308 or 288...


Chani was trying to figure out how to steal the 16" phone dials for her 944

Race time

The sound this made refocused my whole life

Dime a dozen

e9s were being given to everyone who came Saturday. At least it seemed that way.

Pimp my 2002

Orange 2002 Baur convertible




Pagoda's everywhere!


Awesome R107 SL500 rally car at Amelia Island Concours

Chani's 25

I made some giant number's for Chani's birthday!

Sailboats in central park

I finally got to see this in person.


Washington Square arch, NYC

Chani's graduation from UNF

Just picking up her two degrees, nbd

Some people

Chani's haircut

Hair cuts and stuff

Michael and I

Ready for whatever life throws our way out.

Cousins for life

Cousins for life


My family moderately tolerates me

Random things

chani, fifth of july

July 5th. Probably happy about me not catching her on fire the day before

Chani at the beach

I think she was sending "signals"

Me at the beach

Ponce inlet, one of the times I wasn't almost killed here.

Stephanie and Johnny

It's called foreshadowing


Charles with Evo 1 wheels


"Slamboards" are dumb, I made this instead

My accomplice in hoteling

That hotel life.

Want cool prints?